What will happen for this year's Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) on June 11-15 at San Francisco? Usually, Steve Jobs will kick-off the WWDC with his keynote. And he used to use this event to launch, annaunce, and introduce new products and corporate news. These are just my predictions what Apple will do right there:

iPhone Launch
iPhone was introduced in MacWorld San Francisco '07. And Apple said that will brings the iPhone to the stores in June 2007. Cingular (AT&T) has ready to market iPhone. So, WWDC '07 is the best event to announce it.

MacBook Pro upgrade, with Santa Rosa
Intel had launched their latest technology, "Santa Rosa" platform, also known as "Centrino Pro" in PC world. Apple used to implement the latest technology on their products. MacBook was upgraded couple weeks ago. Today's MacBook Pros are still using Intel's 667MHz FSB technology while "Santa-Rosa" platform use 800MHz FSB technology. So, the next upgrade will be Santa-Rosa based MacBook Pros with LED display backlight. What about Mobile Radeon HD 2000 series?

MacBook Pro Nano
I have told you about this before. Today, Apple does not have ultra portable (under 14 inch) for their professional class notebooks. And it looks that will release it now. With illuminated keyboard and ambient sensors? I'm hoping.

Leopard, Public Beta?
Leopard on WWDC 07
This is a great event for launching this cat, Leopard, after some delay. But, Apple claims that WWDC participant will take a beta copy of it. Still unfinished? WWDC 06 participant took home an unfinished copy of Leopard. And now, unfinished again? Apple, Where is the final release? Hidden or still unfinished? Come on, you said that Vista party is over. It is Leopard party time now! You promised the cat for spring 2007, and it is already summer now.

New design for iMac
Apple usually give different designs for each generation iMac: G3, G4, G5. But, Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo generation still use G5's design, except the built-in iSight (it's a minor). Did you think design of today's iMac is expired? From August 2004 till June 2007? Apple, this is the time to redesign iMac (and MacPro?).

PowerPC Comeback?
After IBM launch their latest processor, POWER6 at 4.7GHz clockspeed, for their servers. Maybe, Apple will switch back to PowerPC? Then Intel's dynasty on Macintosh land will over, because Intel has stopped their exclusive contract with Apple after their big success of Core 2 Duo (Core Microarchitecture). Or, AMD has ready for Mac? But, AMD mobile processor is not settle yet instead of Intel. I'm just hoping PowerBook 12" with new PowerPC.

Okay, those above just my own opinion and prediction (and hope, hehehe) for WWDC 07. How about yours?

Adham Somantrie absolutely has no commercial purposes and has no relationship with Apple, Intel, AMD, nor IBM.