After almost four years, my Nokia E71 is retired. I chose Nokia Asha 302 as replacement. I still use iPhone 4S as my primary phone. The Asha is just for sidekick, when I needed the keyboard to chat.

As a Mac user, I always use iSync from the first time with my PowerBook and SonyEricsson W850i. Then, I rely to iSync to keep my contacts and calendar synchronized across Mac and phones.

There was Nokia E-series glorious time, and Nokia officially support the Mac platform. I can sync my Nokia E61i and Nokia E71 with official iSync plugins from Nokia. But since the fall of Finnish and the birth of Lumia, there is no more Mac supports.

So, in order to work with "single phonebook", I need to keep my Asha synchorized with Mac (and also iPhone), through iSync. We have got another problem: There is no more iSync since OSX 10.7 Lion. What the...?

First, I have to get iSync for my Lion powered MacBook Pro. Fortunately, I already backed up iSync app (version 3.1.2) from my previous Mac running Snow Leopard.

Then, I had to make iSync phoneplugin to enable support for Asha 302. I took a random phoneplugin for Nokia S40 platform and made some adjustment. After trial-and-error process, finally my iSync can talk with Asha through bluetooth!

If you also had Nokia Asha 302 alongside with Mac. Just grab and extract the plugin, then put the extracted .phoneplugin to this folder: "/Library/PhonePlugin/". If your Mac do not have the "PhonePlugin" folder, make one. Do not forget to pair the Asha with Mac via bluetooth.

Done, open iSync. Choose "Devices" menu then "Add Device...". You will see that your phone is supported. And please let me know whether this plugin works on yours or not.

Download the phone plugin at my DeviantArt: Nokia Asha 302 iSync Phone Plugin.

Adham Somantrie.