Do you bring and listen to your iPod when running? I love running, and the Nike+ system make it great, and fun. I just want to share some tips for running with the iPod.

Never bring harddisk when running. No, I'm not kidding. Some people do not know if they bring harddisk on their pocket when running. I'm talking about the harddisk inside the iPod. Some iPods contain the mini harddisk. The original iPod (including iPod Photo and iPod Video), iPod Classic, and iPod mini are using harddisk (microdrive in case of iPod mini) instead of silicon chip or flash disk. Harddisks are sensitive to shock. Even you can carry the iPod safely when you go, but running gives more shock to the harddisk.

Listen to the ambient sound. Don't fully concentrate to the music from the iPod. You need to listen to the sounds around you. You still have to listen to car's horn when you running on the road. There was a lot of people died on the street due to iPod. You can plug the earphone just in one ear, so the another ear can hear the ambient sounds. Avoid the isolating earphones such as in-ear type when you running. This can isolate the sounds around you.

Use the remote. Touch screens are great, but it is difficult to control your iPod Touch, iPod nano touch, or iPhone without looking at the screen. You can decide for earphone with volume and remote control, to keep your concentration. So you can control your music just with the touch of your hand, without have to look at the screen.

Use armband. Armband are invented to bring your iPod in your workout. And it is better than putting your iPod in your "unsecured" pocket. It also improves the GPS reception quality because your device is exposed. And your Nike+ GPS or miCoach tracking will be more accurate.

Watch out the cable! the cable of your earphone. Keep it safe and make sure it will not stuck at the other things or other people.

Disable Shake to Shuffle. This is an amazing application of accelerometer on iPods. But, even it won't work when you switch the "hold" on, believe me, you will feel more comfort when you disable Shake to Shuffle feature. Because you will always "shake" your iPod when you running.

Adham Somantrie.

PS: I originally posted this article for MakeMac in Bahasa Indonesia: Berlari dengan iPod.