I'm exhausted for this special edition Nike (RED) Laces. I have tried at all Nike Stores in Bandung: Bandung Indah Plaza, Parijs van Java, and Istana Plaza. Even I went to Nike Store at Plasa Semanggi in Jakarta. Then, I contacted my friend at Medan to look at Nike Store in Sun Plasa. But, nope. There is no Nike (RED) Laces there!

And last, I went to the online marketplace. Then, I got a seller that offer it for USD 8.00 with free shipping to Indonesia. Okay, deal, done!

Nike (RED) Laces

I hope these laces can give us more motivation on run, or on another sports. And here is my Nike Air Max Turbulence+ with Nike (RED) Laces.

Nike AirMax Turbulence+ with Nike (RED) Laces

Lace up. Run out. Save lives.
Adham Somantrie, AdhamPlus.