There was an international archeology team from the United Nation. They're exploring the lands and the seas, all over the world. Almost all countries are visited and examined. Beside the archaeology relics and stuffs, they also found some interesting facts about the technology that used to communicate each other (telecommunication) by the people of the stone age.

The teams found the fossil with a long thick copper — wire shape — in North America land. The result of the examination is it was an copper cable. And, the wire copper is supposed invented by the ancient American people.

But, the teams also found great fossil in European land. They found the human fossil with a cristal clear glasses. It supposed a optical fibre wire. And, it comes true after the lab examination: it is a real optical fibre. European people would pride, their ancestor have founded the optical fibre cables, many decade before the today's nano technology era.

Last, the archaeologist goes to Indonesia, another suspect of Atlantis, the lost civilization. And unfortunately, they found nothing inside the rich land of Indonesia. And, the theory that say Indonesia was the Atlantis is failed to proved. They must try another method to prove it. But, the conclusion already taken: Indonesia was found the wireless communication technology, due to lack of copper and glasses during the archaeological exploration.

PS: This is a popular joke in Indonesian wireless telecommunication people.