MTV Blogger

Are you a trend junkie savvy in the ways of music, entertainment, fashion and technology? Do you feel strongly about skinny ties, know your All-American Rejects, Black Eyed Peas and Craig David music trivia at the back of your hand, or wonder what it would be like to get inside the lives of VJs Utt and Denise?

We believe that words speak volumes, and if your writing oozes with confidence, sass and personality, don't languish in the background, let your opinions shine! Express yourself and be the voice of MTV Asia as one of our official bloggers.

You'll get to travel the world, attend exclusive MTV events and be togged out in cool Puma threads! Of course, there's also the possibility of cultivating a huge fan following. So go ahead, share with us your take on what's hot and what's not in the scene today! Go here to participate!

Closing Date: 14th June 2009.