These days, internet revolves very quickly. You may know the name: Web 2.0; where the information is created by all internet users, not only by one side. The information is from anywhere to everywhere. Collaborative internet users make a great collaboration for the best internet content. The power of the world!

Internet connection makes multiplayer online games possible. You can play the game together with another gamers across the world. Please thanks to the internet technology. And, with broader and faster internet connection, online games become more popular.

With the web 2.0, the online games are possible to created within the web: web based games, both single player or multiplayer games. With web-based games, (for example: WiseWits), you can play the game without installing the games first on your computer. Just suft, then play. OK, you need to make an account first for some games.

WiseWits is an online web-based collaborative games provider. WiseWits has some games inside it. You can play it individual or by team together with your friends. Experience the new wave of collaborative games!