Someone said, gadgets are boys' toys. For gadget lovers (hum... gadget freak, maybe?), it is a passion to implement the gadgets at home to build a 'smart home'. There are tons of gadget with wide-variety. And also, with tons of features and latest high technology. With tons variety of choices, it is become easier to realize this.

But, sometimes (eh, often?) lots of choice are making us more confused. Then, we should analyse the products before making a decision, which one we should buy. Here is some suggestion of gadgets for smart homes.

Too much electronic home appliances at your home? It should be too much 'remote controller' at your home. Will you bring lots of remote controllers across your home? It looks annoying. With universal remote control, you can control various appliances just with one remote controller. It is more fun to bring just one to control your appliances, all over your 'smart home'.

For more integration, you also can integrate your 'traditional' electric appliances such as lamps with your 'smart home control center', so you can control your home wirelessly. More advanced control, you can integrate with modern telecommunication technology such as internet and cellphone. Then, you can monitor your home from your office, and control them!

When internet goes to your home, then goes to your appliances, 'computer network' become more familiar with general peoples. You can get your computers connected each other. And, you also can connect other appliances, such as media player or modern game consoles. Further, wirelessly with wi-fi and bluetooth connection. A network media player can be connected to your home' local area network, then you can share multimedia contents across your computers and home multimedia appliances. Listening your iTunes library with your own hi-fi player?

Another things, but mostly ignored: data backup system. Massive capacity harddisks goes cheaper, and also optical media, this make everyone can make a data backup easier and cheaper. Then, NAS (network attached storage) become more popular. Another alternative, you can back your data up on the internet. There are some online backup services that you can use to store you backups.

If you got confused when choosing the right gadget for you from the tons of available gadgets on the market, maybe you need a gadget advisor.