Are you a music addict? if you're can't live without music, you should have a portable music player that can accompany you everywhere, and anywhere. Today, there is a lot of choice for the portable music player, and cheaper than few years ago. Yes, the most popular portable music player is Apple iPod family.

Why iPod? beside the beautiful design, the reason is the iTunes. You can sync your music easily between your Mac or Windows PC with the iPod. And the library is helping you manage your music collection. And, also the iTunes Music Store is absolutely iPod-friendly.

iPod Nano

For mainstream use, you may be suitable with iPod Nano. Now, it plays everything with bigger screen. The capacity is 4GB, enough for your music collection on the go. And, yes, with some video that you loved. And the 8GB variant have more choices of colours. Including the latest "Pink" special edition.

Want more storage? You should try harddisk-based iPod Classic that have massive space for music and video.

iPod Classic

Today, iPod Classic have two variants: 80GB and 160GB. It's an extra large storage! And also, bigger screen. With this extra large storage, you can even copy all of your music and video collection from your iTunes to the iPod Classic. Imagine, your complete music and video collection, on the go! Accompany you everywhere!

And, you also can use the iPod Nano and iPod Classic for "external USB disk". You can use these to carry your data files.

Need more than just media player?

iPod Touch

For more capabilities, iPod Touch is the answer. Except its smaller storage capacity (compared to iPod Classic), it has the most giant-screen (3.5 inch) with multi-touch capability. Yes, you can touch the screen for the operations. Steve Jobs said, "touch your music". And with wi-fi capability, you can connected to the internet. And, nothing is impossible with the internet: email, chat, browse, etc.

There're another choice: iPod Shuffle and iPhone. iPod Shuffle is for someone who needs simplicity. Ultra-small sized, without display screen. Just the music. And iPhone is like the iPod Touch, but have the communication capabilities like a mobile phones.

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