What will you do for this summer? Playing around? or Biking around? Looking for a bicycles? If you wanna go with the nature, maybe you can look for a Shimano Bicycles like this one:

A Pinarello F3:13 Full Carbon Bike Shimano that can be used to across the gravel road, rock, and the mountain. It is tough! It's still possible to you to cross the shallow river, just to enjoy your life with the wild nature adventure!

Where to find and shop things like these? You can go to the online store and just waiting on your door, unless you're still prefer traditional offline store.

Absolutely, you can use more tools and gadget in your adventures. You'll need a backpack and outbond equipments. GPS? if you wish! Mobile internet? hm... is up to you. Do you want to still connected during the adventure? bring on all your gadgets. Need an undisturbed holiday? leave it at home!