It's sooo many new things. After my graduation, I finished my dark age, and I want to start my golden age. Then, here is my new "The Golden Eight" web theme.

The Golden Eight

It is the same with The Dark Eight, just with different color scheme. Still the 8th version of my website. And, that is the answer of some people's question: "Why using "Eight" to replace the "Age" word for the name?"

So, this is my beginning of my golden age? I hope. Currently unemployed, but I back to business. Code the web! Wanna hire me?

And I think, I have to try to be a profesional blogger. Although, after apreciated in Blogging Competition, last March. Another things, maybe I will place a space for banner/advertisements in this blog. So, if you want to advertise here, you can contact me and then we make a deal or, if you want to donate me without advertise here, I also accept donation via PayPal!

As recommended by my friends, I should use English in my blog, so I (or, my content/article, exactly) can go international. Okay, for some article that has specific reader-target Indonesian-only, I still write in native Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Or, maybe I will write twice, for Indonesian and English.

Yes, I have sold my Hewlett-Packard Evo 520 notebook computer. Then, as my plan, I bought an additional big widescreen LCD monitor! an Apple Cinema Display 20", to extend my PowerBook's desktop

Due to my room space, that I mentioned before in another article, I have to migrate to another room in this house. I need a larger and wider desk, so I need larger room. The new room has the desk already. I just have to move all my computer parts and some things.

The thing I forgotten, I will need another additional keyboard if I use additional display with my PowerBook G4. Yes, also the mouse, but I already have Apple Mighty Mouse. So, I just have to buy a new additional keyboard.

Due to the messy cables that made me stressed up, I decide to buy the new wireless keyboard and mouse. Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse? no! I hate the high-frequency radiation for daily use. They has 2.4GHz bluetooth connection. So, I looked for the lower frequency RF. Then I took Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 for Mac. It has more advanced buttons, for less Okay, it has no aluminum But I liked it. I will review it in another article, soon.

New Workspace

Interested for my used Wired Mighty Mouse?