G5 Aluminium Wallpaper

Inspired by Apple PowerMac G5 (and MacPro) holey aluminium front case.
This package contains wallpapers with these resolutions:

* 240x320
For cellphone with 240x320 pixel screen resolution.
SonyEricsson K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, W580, W830, W850, W880, and others.

* 1024x768
For PowerBook G4 12", non-widescreen 15" PC monitor and notebook PC.

* 1280x800
For MacBook, and widescreen 14" notebook PC.

* 1280x1024
For non-widescreen 17" PC monitor, and non-widescreen 14" notebook PC.

* 1440x900
For MacBook Pro 15"

* 1680x1050
For MacBook Pro 17", Apple Cinema Display HD 20", and 20" or 22" widescreen PC monitor.

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Please tell me for any feedbacks. It might be any revision in the future.
Thanks. Ciao!

Any donations are welcome hahahaha....