I just got Windows 7 as my "side OS" just for playing Colin McRae D.I.R.T 2. Unfortunately, there just was only one edition over all Colin McRae Rally series that ported to Mac platform. And, I do not have any game consoles. So, I have to use Windows to play unless I got Wii or PS3.

As we know, Windows XP is actually Windows NT 5.1, the successor of Windows 2000 (Windows NT 5.0). And, Windows Vista (Windows NT 6.0) is the successor (not success enough ) of Windows XP. But, Microsoft has Windows 7 as the successor of Windows Vista. But Windows 7 is not Windows 7.0! It is Windows NT 6.1. Oh, we are fooled!

Windows NT 6.1

Then, will the next Windows 8 be Windows NT 7.0? or even still Windows NT 6.2?

Adham Somantrie
— Posted over Snow Leopard.

PS: In my opinion, Windows 95 evolute slowly to Windows XP. And, people said there was big changes in Vista and Seven. Then, I think I have to learn "how to use" this Windows Seven.