Plurk Mobile View

I found a bug in plurk. It's not on the plurk real website, but the mobile view version. Not a big bug, but it still annoying.

Okay, you can try.

First, go to mobile view of plurk on Yes, you can use your desktop browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer from your PC. You don't have to use mobile phones or other portable devices to open the mobile view.

There's three menus under "My Timeline": Mine, Friends and Mine, and Private. Okay, click on "mine". It will show just your plurk and the URL is: There's still no problem.

Scroll down to the bottom. You should see the page number, and "next" page link. Click.

It will open the next page that have URL But, see the plurks! It's not only your plurks, but your friends' too! Can you see?

OK. Then i've tried to type down manually the URL, And, it works! Yes, next time, you should to type down manually than clicking the "next" link.

Adham Somantrie

Update 25 September 2008: The bug has been fixed!